‘Nakshathram’ Review And Rating

'Nakshathram' Review And Rating

Film: “Nakshathram”
Star Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Regina, Sai Dharam Tej, Praggya Jaiswal, Prakash Raj, Tanish, Shivaji Raja and others
Director: Krishna Vamsi
Music: Bheems, Hari Gaura
Produced By: Srinivasulu, Venu Gopal, Sajju
Released On: 04-08-2014

Director Krishna Vamsi is trying to woo the audiences and return to his winning ways. He took what he thought would be a safe route by selecting a police action story. Whether he succeeds in his purpose or not remains to be seen. Let’s review the film.

Rama Rao (Sundeep Kishan) aspires to follow in the footsteps of others in his family and become a police officer. However, he is unable to realise his dream thanks to trouble from Rahul (Tanish). He then takes to solving crime without becoming a police officer. Then there is a missing police officer Alexander (Sai Dharam Tej) whose uniform somehow Rama Rao comes to wear leaving the police confused. Why Alexander is missing and does Rama Rao succeed in becoming a police officer is the rest of the story.

The biggest drawback with the film is that every aspect of it is very loud and unbearable. The script is bad and characters are not well defined. The second half could have been much better. Krishna Vamsi ought to have taken better care in selecting the story and script. He certainly does not show any of the touches of old.

Performance of the Stars:
Sundeep Kishan makes a sincere effort. So does Sai Dharam Teja. However, his character was not developed properly which reduced his chance of impressing with his acting skills. Pragya Jaiswal as a cop does justice to her role. Regina looks very glamorous. Other stars like Prakash Raj fitted their roles and did justice to them. Thulasi indulges in a little overacting. Tanish is okay in the role of the drug addict.

Technical Performance:
The director’s class touch is nowhere in evidence. Music is not upto the mark with the background score a bit gaudy and hurting to the senses. Cinematography was of very low standards and was further hampered by bad editing. The director failed in extracting the best of his team.

The Final Word:
“Nakshathram” fails to impress

“Nakshathram” gets a rating of 2/5