Nandamuri And Mega Family Fans Shocked Out Of Their Wits

Fans of the Nandamuri family heroes and those of the Mega Family heroes were in for a big shock when they saw a photograph of both Brahmani and Upasana together like they were really good friends.

The picture showed the two of them at a blood donation drive. The fact is that today’s heroes are quite a different lot. Their professional on-screen rivalry does not seem to rub off on their personal relationships. Several times we find one hero congratulating another on the latter’s blockbuster. They even take to the social media to express their sincere appreciation of each other’s works. It is not uncommon to find them celebrating each other’s successes at parties. However, only the fans imagine that there is a severe rivalry between them. It is the fans who appear to be fighting out on the social media making disparaging comments about each other’s idols and creating a non-existing rivalry between them. They fail to realize that their comments on the net will only be construed to have been made at the behest of their idols, thus bringing a bad name to the heroes they admire.

The blood donation drive was jointly organized by Facebook and NTR Trust. Just check out what Upasana had to say on catching up with Brahmani at the blood donation drive.

Upasana Konidela:
“Brahmani and I spent a heartwarming afternoon donating blood. If you begin donating blood at age 18 & donate every 90 days until you reached 60, you would have potentially helped save more than 500 lives! #foodforthought #donateblood – it’s a very powerful and satisfying thing to do.”