Nandi Awards – Jury Talks For The First Time – Faces The Flak

The Nandi Awards controversy does not seem to be ready to fade away from public memory now. For the first time the jury opened up about the awards but had to face the flak for appearing to support the head of the jury Balayya.

The whole controversy started with Balayya deciding to give away as many as 9 awards to “Legend” for the year 2014. The awards included Best Actor, Best Film and Best Director among others in other categories. That lead to practically the whole industry turning against the awards with some celebrities refusing to mince words in their criticism of the whole process. With the entire industry turning vituperative, the jury recently spoke out for the first time. Contending that for the year 2014 the only film that they could find worthy of all those awards was “Legend”, the jury claimed that they also kept in mind some social message that the film conveyed – like feticide and women’s literacy. That is why they had given all those awards to that single film despite it having several scenes depicting extreme violence.

However, the response from members of the jury only served to infuriate the press. They pointed out several films which were released during 2014 which could have been considered. Mahesh Babu gave his career’s best performance for “Nenokkadine” in 2014. Then there was “Race Gurram” in which Allu Arjun did a wonderful job. If one kept aside these action-oriented films there was also the sedate performance by Nagarjuna in “Manam”. Even Nikhil deserved to be considered for his performance in “Karthikeya”. Faced with such severe backlash the jury was finally reported to have conveyed that they would consider some minor changes to the list of awards already announced.