Nani Overtakes Pawan Abroad

Nani Overtakes Pawan Abroad

Natural Star Nani is riding on a high crest right now. His latest offering “Ninnu Kori” is doing excellently in the overseas markets. The film’s performance there has taken him past Pawan Kalyan also.

“Ninnu Kori” has crossed the US $ 1 Million mark in the overseas markets. That is the fourth film starring Nani that has achieved this remarkable feat. The earlier three films were “Eega”, “Bhale Bhale Magadivoy” and “Nenu Local”.

Now Nani has 4 films under his belt which crossed the US $ 1 Million mark whereas Pawan Kalyan has only 3. Nani is on a tie with Natarudra NTR who also has four films under his belt. That is surely some achievement for the Natural Star.