Natarudra NTR Out – Nithiin In For Dil Raju

There was a rumour sometime ago that Dil Raju is producing a film for which he made an offer to Natarudra NTR. However, the latest buzz has it that NTR is not doing that project and that Nithiin has stepped in.

The story was written by Satish Vegesna and was also to be directed by him. He had earlier directed “Sathamanambhavathi” which was also produced by Dil Raju. Despite the success of “Sathamanambhavathi” NTR somehow the director failed to gain the confidence of NTR who spoke to Dil Raju to change the director for the same story. The producer however had given his word to Satish and besides the story was also written by him. Therefore Dil Raju was constrained to refuse to change the director. With that NTR apparently dropped out of the project.

That is when Nithiin walked in according to the rumours. However, there are also those who say that Nithiin’s entry is only a rumour since he does not get along well with Dil Raju. That is why Nithiin and Dil Raju did not come together after doing “Dil”. Added to this, there has been no official confirmation from the production company about Nithiin having joined the project.

However, all on a sudden Nithiin himself stunned everybody by taking to the social media by saying that he is going to do “Srinivas Kalyanam” produced by Dil Raju and directed by Satish Vegesna. He said he was very happy to be working with Dil Raju after a gap of 14 years. He also revealed that he was very excited to be a part of the film and that shooting will commence in March 2018. So, all the rumours about NTR dropping out of the project and Nitin making an entry are true after all.