‘Keshava’ Pre Review – A Thrilling Revenge

nikhil keshava telugu movie pre review

Hero Nikhil thrives on offering films of a different kind. He and Sudheer Verma had earlier made the blockbuster film “Swamy Rara” which had a plot very different from the normal films. They have come together again to give us “Keshava”.

“Keshava” is definitely in keeping with Nikhil’s reputation of doing different films. He and director Sudheer Verma, come together again to give us a revenge story. The narration is very serious with practically no scope for comedy. The film is only one hour and fifty minutes long which works to its advantage since the narration is totally tight with no deviations from the main plot. The director appeals to the front benchers with a lot of skin show.

The manner in which Nikhil commits murders with absolutely no sense of impropriety or tension and with a completely cool and calculated demeanour – is quite novel and well presented. The background score is excellent and adds to the tense atmosphere created in the crucial scenes. Camera work is brilliant. The twists in the tale are presented very interestingly.

The only thing that may go against the film is the fact that it does not have scope for comedy. There is no relief from the tension from start to finish. There are no romantic or comic interludes to break the monotony. The second half is a bit dragging in comparison with the first. How the film fares at the box office remains to be seen.