‘LIE’ Highlights – Comments By The Censors

Lie movie review by censor board

After a blockbuster in “A..Aa” hero Nitin is coming back before the audiences with his latest venture “LIE” amid very high expectations. Going by the comments made by the Censor Board members it appears the film is set to meet those expectations. The censors said that the final output of the film was excellent. The film depicted love, intelligence and villainies excellently. They said that each member of the star cast acted exceptionally well. Let us analyse what the censors had to say about “LIE”.

Censor Talk:
Nitin plays the role of A. Satyam but is constantly addressed as Asatyam by everyone. That is because he is constantly bluffing his way through life. His character in fact is the big surprise package of the film. There is an interesting twist to his character which makes it more interesting. We have to see the film to understand what that twist is. The film starts with the villain Padmanabham play by Action King Arjun. This is the first time that he is playing the bad guy in a Tollywood film. The villain shown in this film is very different from the usual villains we find in run-off-the-mill commercial pot boilers. The conflict between the villain and the hero, the mind games they play with each other are all quite thrilling. The character of the heroine is not just an appendage meant to add some glamorous to the sombre proceedings. Megha Akash as Chaithra plays a very vital part in the whole story. Her character therefore acquires a lot of strength and depth. She shares an excellent chemistry with the hero. The love track between hero and heroine is very novel and interesting.

Talking of the film itself, the censors said that the first half is very interesting and entertains us with all elements. The love track between hero and heroine interspersed with comedy scenes takes us through the first half. There are a few twists and turns here. The bang just before the interval is very thrilling and elevates the entire narration. That makes the audience impatient for the second half. The second half reveals more twists and turns in the film. The climax is the major highlight of the film. The action sequences are on a par with the best of Hollywood action scenes. The second half does not contain much of entertaining scenes. It is all about the conflict between the villain and the hero and the mind games they play against each other. In the final analysis, the censors appear to have given the film a wonderful report. That means the audiences can expect some really good filmy experience with “LIE”.