Young Tiger And Tollywood Sentiments

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The film industry is a very sentimental place. There are all sorts of sentiments that people try out on their films. Some work out only adding further credence to these sentiments and many do not. NTR is also following one sentiment for his next film.

Sentiments like starting the names of movies of a particular hero with a particular alphabet, releasing a first look or trailer on a particular date or day are all sentiments that Tollywood does not ignore. Sometimes using the name of an old blockbuster to bring luck to a new film is a sentiment. But this sentiment has failed on many occasions. For instance there was an old super duper blockbuster multi-starrer “Maya Bazar” which was a mythological film. Some years ago Dasari Narayan Rao made a film with the same story but with a social milieu as its background and gave it the same name “Maya Bazar”. But Dasari’s film failed at the box office. The same fate befell the more recent film “Shankarabharanam”. Bollywood star Govinda is known to stick to this sentiment often.

Now Young Tiger is trying the same sentiment with his next film which just went on the floors. “Lava Kusha” is a decades old mythological movie in which legendary star Senior NTR played the role of Lord Rama. Now our Young Tiger’s next film is being given the same title with a slight change. Young Tiger’s film is titled “Jai Lava Kusha”. The sentiment is that since the older film was his grandfather’s film the name will bring them good luck in making this film also a success. Let us hope their sentiment works in their favour and really brings them good luck.