From Bunny To NTR Via Mahesh And Back

From Bunny To NTR Via Mahesh And Back

Sometimes the strangest things happen in tinsel town. This is a real life tale of two directors and three heroes with a lot of twists and turns in it. A story passes hands from one hero to another and then to another.

After he made “S/O Satyamurthy” with Stylish Star Allu Arjun, director Trivikram wanted to make another film with the same hero. He even got one story and script ready for him. The hero too had approved of the idea and the story. However, he got busy with “Rudramadevi” and “Sarainodu” and could not allot the time for Trivikram’s film. In the meanwhile Trivikram got the opportunity to make “A..Aa” which kept him busy for a while.

Sometime later Trivikram took his script to Mahesh Babu who also expressed a wish to do the film. However, after Trivikram re-wrote the script to suit Mahesh Babu’s style, the hero confirmed a second project which he will be taking up immediately after “Spyder”. That left Trivikram out on limbo once again. So he approached Natarudra NTR with the same story who reportedly accepted the story.

At around the same time Vakkantham Vamsi who had been planning a film with Natarudra NTR for quite some time approached the hero with a story and script. For some reason the hero rejected the story. Immediately thereafter, Vamsi approached Bunny, who has agreed to do the film. So the story meant for Bunny reached NTR and the story written for NTR reached Bunny.