NTR Becomes ‘Doctor’ For A Fan In Real Life

NTR Becomes 'Doctor' For A Fan In Real Life

Natarudra NTR needs no introduction in the Telugu Film Industry. His acting skills, powerful dialogue delivery, his commitment and more over his care for his fans made him special among the top heroes in Tollywood Film Industry. But apart from movie, NTR is also a good human being striving to help his fans who are in need. In this process, he had given his hand to help out many people who were in trouble. But without the physical presence of NTR, he is helping a physical and mentally retarded child in real life. Yes this is true. Read on more to know..

Sohail is a physical and mentally retarded elder son of Sandhani-Farzana couple in Rajareddy Colony of Cuddapa. He was born abnormal and was bought up by the care of his parents. Accidentally, at the time of release of NTR’s ‘Aadi’ movie, Sohail saw the trailer of the movie in TV and had a movement and expressions which brought tears in the disappointed parents. From there, started the journey of Sohail following every movie in the Television. Even he bought up each CD of NTR’s movies and watched till now. He is living neither with the help of any hospital nor any Doctor. But ‘NTR’ has become his strength to let his life lead. Thus, NTR has become a real ‘Doctor’ for a life of his fan.