NTR Breaks The Stereotype

In the film industry, hero has been king, from times immemorial. There have been exceptional heroines who play lady-centric roles but they are few and far between. The hero dominates unquestioningly. Surprisingly Natarudra NTR is different.

The heroes make sure that the characters they play reign supreme in any film. The makers ensure that the script does not highlight any other character. There have been many character artistes in the past who have paid the price for growing bigger in stature than heroes too. But NTR is not following this trend. Natarudra NTR’s film with Trivikram was launched with much fan fare with the Power Star Pawan Kalyan himself doing the honours. Trivikram had earlier promised his good friend Sunil that he would give him an important role in his next because the comedian had been facing a string of flops recently and his career was out on limbo.

The director spoke to the hero and explained that Sunil will play his good friend in the film. Sunil’s character will produce much comedy besides being a critical one in the film. The hero reportedly did not raise any objection to this and readily agreed to do the film with Sunil. The trio are to commence shooting sometime in January 2018.