NTR Goes Abroad On A Secret Mission

After the tremendous blockbuster “Jai Lava Kusa”, Natarudra NTR accepted a film to be directed by Trivikram. Before the shoot for that film could commence the hero and his family left on a trip to Europe. The star is reportedly on a secret mission there.

Reports going around in Tollywood suggest that the hero has gone to Europe with his family firstly to enjoy some time with them. The other mission is that he is there to try and reduce at least 10 kgs of his body weight. A personal trainer too has been reportedly finalised for the purpose. The 4 roles that he played in his last film “Jai Lava Kusa” required the hero to put on some weight which he did accordingly. However, his next film required him to lose weight. The director, Trivikram is reportedly showing the hero in a completely new look which needed the hero to look slim and fit. That is the secret mission that the hero has gone to Europe for.