‘Jai Lava Kusa’ First Look Poster Released

ntr jai lava kusa first look poster review

The much awaited event – the release of the first look poster for “Jai Lava Kusa” – has finally happened. The poster released is bound to send fans of Natarudra NTR into raptures of excitement and anticipation.

Everybody expected that all the three characters that the hero is playing in the film will be on display. But the first poster showed only one of them. The poster shows a very handsome looking Natarudra NTR with a very tough and intense look getting out of a car. Going by the beard, the glasses and the car it is a strong possibility that the poster shows ‘Jai’ the dangerous criminal. The intensity of the man’s look is really the highlight of the poster. In the background is a drawing of an effigy of Ravanasura which probably is an indication that the man in the poster is indeed ‘Jai’ the villain.

The second poster shows Natarudra NTR in chains – obviously arrested by the police. He can be seen lifting his hands up and saying ‘Namaskaram’ to someone not in the poster. In this poster the hero sports a slight mischievous smile and a sly look in his eyes. He wears the same hair style and shirt as well as the same watch that he does in the first poster. Here again we can see an effigy of Ravanasura in the background. There is little doubt that this is ‘Jai’ the villain of the film.

We also have to keep in mind that the title of the film starts with the name of this villainous character ‘Jai’. Perhaps next posters will show ‘Lava’ and ‘Kusa’. The film unit – NTR Arts – was true to its word in releasing the poster on the eve of the hero’s birthday. The posters most certainly serve to raise the curiosity towards the film. They assure us that the hero is about to show us new heights in his acting prowess.