Shocking News – No Paisa For ‘Paisa Vasool’

While, Balayya’s latest upcoming film “Paisa Vasool” was quite eagerly awaited by his fans and by the trade too, the shocking news is that the theatrical rights for the film are not fetching what the producers had hoped for.

With Balayya on a role with a string of successes behind him, it was expected that his 101st film will be sold for a very good profit. The film was made on a budget of Rs.40 crores. The producers were hoping to sell the rights for at least around Rs.50 crores. But that was not to be. At the last count the makers are likely to lose around Rs.4.50 crores on it. The satellite and audio rights fetched Rs.10 crores. But the theatrical rights for various territories do not add up to much.

For all the territories in Andhra Pradesh put together, buyers are willing to invest only Rs.15 crores. The rights for Nizam are likely to go for Rs.5 crores. Those figures may go up by at the most another Rs.4 crores. Even if that happens, the total figure only works out to Rs.34 crores. To this if we add the overseas rights of around Rs.1.8 crores the grand total only works up to Rs.35.80 crores. That leaves the producers with a loss of Rs.4.20 crores.

This is shocking development. It is not known if this is a result of Puri Jagannadh’s continuing bad run or if the film content has failed to impress the buyers.