Pawan Kalyan Enjoys Ali’s Joke On Stage

Pawan Kalyan Enjoys Ali's Joke On Stage

During the pre-release function of “Katamarayadu” there was an interesting incident on stage. As the producer Sharath Marar was addressing the gathering, the hero Pawan Kalyan suddenly burst out laughing. Read on to find out what happened.

As the producer was addressing the audience, he made some interesting comment about the hero. Comedian Ali who was also on stage gave some comic retort which had the hero in splits. Never was Pawan Kalyan seen in such spirits in public. His fans were also quite overjoyed to see him thus. They responded with thunderous applause and whistling. Even the other members of the unit who were on stage were overjoyed to see their hero laughing so much.

However, what made their idol laugh so much is a million dollar question. But one interesting matter did come to light. It appears the producer in his speech was just saying that Pawan Kalyan was looking double handsome in dhoti and kurtha. Immediately Ali responded whispering if the hero had worn a tie along with it he would have looked triple handsome. That sent the hero into a bout of laughter. One does not know how far this is true but it certainly is the buzz of Tollywood right now.