Powerstar Pawan Kalyan And Natarudra NTR Birds Of A Feather

pawan kalyan ntr following same path

The two of the top stars of Tollywood right now are undoubtedly Power Star Pawan Kalyan and Natarudra NTR. The two of them have several things in common. One important such common aspect stands out. Read on to find out what it is.

The two of them belong to top filmy families in Tollywood and yet keep a distance from their respective families. Power Star belongs to the Mega Family and Natarudra NTR belongs to the Nandamuri family. Yet the two of them keep their distance from relatives.

It is well known that Pawan would not attend any promotional event for any film starring any hero from the mega family. The last function he attended was the promotional event of “Nayak” starring Ram Charan. Even when the Mega Star Chiranjeevi made his return to the arch lights with “Khaidi No 150”, Pawan failed to attend the pre-release event of that film. He would always cite his committed film shootings as an excuse. The man did not even attend his niece’s wedding, merely sending his wife to represent him. That there is political fallout behind this is a well known secret.

In much the same way Natarudra NTR never attends any promotional event of any movie involving Balayya or others. He did however attend the promotional event of Kalyan Ram’s “Ism”. He even does not attend political party meetings of the TDP. When Lokesh took oath as a minister in the Chandra Babu Naidu cabinet the family members were there to grace the occasion but not NTR. He even gives family functions the skip. That makes the two birds of a feather