Pawan Kalyan – Rajasekhar Feud Out In The Open

Dr Rajsekhar recently spoke about a rather unpleasant feud that he seemed to have inadvertently picked up with Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Some comments he made in the past seem to be the root cause of the rancour between the heroes.

Speaking at a function to promote his upcoming film “Garuda Vega” hero Dr. Rajsekhar revealed that in the past when the Praja Rajyam Party was in full swing he had made some comments against the party and its founder chief. Though the party itself was merged with the Congress and political vicissitudes brought about several changes in the fortunes of many the matter apparently rankled the Power Star Pawan Kalyan. In his film “Gabbar Singh”, Pawan did a comic imitation of Dr. Rajasekhar which did not go well with Jeevitha. Talking about this entire unsavoury incident between them Dr. Rajsekhar claimed that this is perhaps why Pawan Kalyan is still angry with him.