Personal Record For Rajasekhar In Nizam

Dr. Rajasekhar’s come back film “PSV Garuda Vega 126.18 M” gained the appreciation of the critics as well as good response from the audiences. Thanks to that it is garnering good collections all over. It has given him a fresh record to boast of in Nizam.

In the all important Nizam territory “PSV Garuda Vega” has collected a distributor share of Rs.2.00 crores which is the highest by any film starring Dr. Rajasekhar. The trade expects that by the time the film completes its run there it will certainly collect a total share of Rs.2.50 crores. Good screenplay and a novel story line have proved to be the major asset of the film. Of course, Sunny Leone was another major attraction for the front benchers.

Dr. Rajasekhar plays the role of a NIA officer with Pooja Kumar playing the female lead. The film was directed by National Award winning director Praveen Sattar.