‘Bigg Boss’ Courts Controversy Once Again

'Bigg Boss' Courts Controversy Once Again

Natarudra NTR is hosting the first Telugu reality show “Big Boss” on MAA TV. The show is receiving both bouquets and brickbats. The TRP ratings are high but there are cases being filed against it for some perceived atrocities shown in it.

The latest controversy was about some punishments imposed on participants. The rule inside the “Big Boss” house was that the participants were to speak only in Telugu. However, on several occasions this rule was broken by the participants. The most notable culprit was Mummaith Khan who unfortunately is not really well versed with Telugu. She was punished for her minor transgression by having her mouth closed with a tape.

The leader of the house at the time was actor Prince who was asked to jump into the swimming pool 50 times. For another violation actor Sameer was asked to peel onions for a very long time. These were construed to be cruelty by one Achyuth Rao an activist with the Balala Hakkula Sangham, who filed a petition with the Human Rights Commission contending that these acts are inhuman and stand in violation of human rights.

The HRC has ordered an enquiry into the allegations and has asked the Police Commissioner to submit a report on the same at the earliest. Despite all the controversies surrounding the show, Natarudra NTR particularly came in for a lot of praise for his anchoring. The show itself is receiving very high TRP ratings.