Politician’s Tongue-In-Cheek On Balakrishna

The Nandi Awards announced by the government of Andhra Pradesh recently lead to some unprecedented mud-slinging aimed primarily at Nandamuri Balakrishna who headed the selection jury. A Telangana politician also took a jibe at him on a TV debate.

A few days comedian Posani Krishnamurali held a press meet in which he lambasted the Telugu Desam government in Andhra Pradesh, particularly targeting Nara Lokesh. In a Television debate held subsequently one of the participants referred to Posani as ‘Mental Krishna’ to which many other participants took objection. The guest who made that comment sought to make amends by saying that it was more of a friendly remark and that Posani was quite a close friend of his.

One participant, Gattu Ramachandra Rao of the TRS however, appearing to take the cue from the ‘Mental Krishna’ comment took a jibe at Balakrishna. He referred to an earlier incident in which the actor in a drunken state had shot producer Bellamkonda Suresh at home. Later when the case went to court he took a certificate from a Mental institution at Yerragada to prove that he was in a slightly disturbed state of mind. Referring to that sordid episode Gattu Ramachandra Rao wondered who the real ‘Mental Krishna’ was – Balakrishna or Posani.