Prabhas Gift To His Fans – Saaho First Look Poster

The UV Creations unit released the First Look Poster of their big-budget venture starring Prabhas “Saaho” today on the occasion of the hero’s birthday as promised. The poster sure makes for very interesting viewing.

The First Look poster of “Saaho” is certainly a very sinister and intriguing one. It is a very simple poster showing the hero in the middle wearing a great coat and covering most of his face. The background is very dark and foreboding probably reflecting the mysterious theme of the story. There is a thick fog in the background which partial covers a car and some sinister looking silhouettes. There are some skyscrapers too in the background which are barely visible. The hero is seen walking down a very wet rain which only adds to the foreboding mood of the poster. The poster certainly raises the intrigue and mystery surrounding the theme of the film.