PSV Garuda Vega Hit But Flop

It is rare that a film garners good positive response from the audiences and yet fails at the box office. That is precisely what happened with Dr. Rajasekhar’s “PSV Garuda Vega 126.18 M”. Industry analysts wonder what happened.

When “PSV Garuda Vega 126.18 M” was released it immediately garnered excellent response from the audiences as well as from the critics. Everybody thought that Dr. Rajasekhar would bounce back with this film. The first weekend saw good collections but thereafter it only faced a downward trend in collections. As the film entered completed its two week run it had only fetched a collection of Rs.7.00 Crores worldwide out of which Rs.1.50 Crores was from the overseas markets and the balance Rs.5.50 Crores came from the two Telugu states.

The film was made with a total budget of Rs.25.00 crores. This means that the film has been a miserable flop. This is one rare film which garnered a blockbuster talk but failed at the box office.