Sensational Accusations By Puri Jagannadh’s Wife

Puri Jagannadh's Wife

One person, who is also as badly affected as Puri Jagannadh in the entire on-going scandalous affair of drugs and its investigations, naturally has to be Mrs Lavanya Jagannadh, the wife of the director. She recently gave vent to her frustration talking of Charmme.

It is well known that Charmme and Puri Jagannadh are very close to each other. It is rumoured that the director has rented a flat where the two spend days together. Once her own prospects as a heroine got on the wane, Charmme immediately hitched her bandwagon to Puri and the duo even started a businesss. That business was reportedly entirely funded by Puri. Even in the on-going shooting of “Paisa Vasool”, Charmme is the line producer and has been paid a stunning some of Rs4.00 crores for her services. All this talk about the director’s extra-marital affair has naturally upset his wife.

Speaking about her husband’s association with Charmme, Lavanya Jagannadh says that it is only after Charmme entered Puri’s life that the director fell into a financial mess. It was she who got the director mixed up in this drugs imbroglio. It was after her entry into their life that a lot of marital discord developed. She revealed that she did confront her husband on his alleged extra-marital affair but got no response from him. She did not wish to press the issue too hard because that would only work against her and destroy her family life.