Radha Movie Review And Rating

Radha Movie Review

Movie: Radha
Director: Chandra Mohan
Producer: Bhogavalli Bapineedu
Music: Radhan
Cast: Sharwanand, Lavanya Tripathi, Aksha and others

Young hero Sharwanand is on a full swing with back to back hits at the box office. The energetic star hero has been the favourite star in Tollywood with his recent family blockbuster ‘Shatamanam Bhavati’ which not only stood as a super-hit but also made some whopping collections. This made a huge expectations to carry on his latest flick ‘Radha’ which is slated to be a comedy-entertainer. The movie has released into the theatres today(12-05-2017). Let’s have a look at the review of ‘Radha’.

Radhakrishna(Sharwanand) likes the Police department right from his childhood and he pays a huge respect towards it. It’s his dream to become a Police Officer and he achieves it by becoming SI for Warangal. Meanwhile he falls in love with Radha(Lavanya Tripathi) and she too loves him. Everything was going fine and sudden of all Radhakrishna gets transferred to Hyderabad.

While doing his duty, Radhakrishna comes to meet Sujatha(Ravikishan) who is willing to become the next CM. One day in a meeting of Sujatha a bomb blast occurs and many Police were dead. Sujatha creates it is purely a fault of Police who were drunk. This make Radhakrishna go angry. Will Radhakrishna give a proper answer to Sujatha? Who did the bomb-blast in Sujatha’s meeting? Will Sujatha become the CM? forms the rest of the story.

Though Radha is a routine predictable story, Sharwanand does it all the way to make the movie attracted by the audience. Sharwanand carries the entire movie on his shoulders. The first half runs with the love track of Sharwanand and Lavanya Tripathi along with some serious comedy tracks. The Police oriented plot has been seen in many movie and is quite predictable. But the director has taken up comedy to cover it. The first half goes pretty well with enough comedy and love between Sharwanand and Lavanya.

The second half becomes a total predictable, once the Hero starts game with the politician. But the director has mixed again the comedy track to make it look good. To some extent this formula has worked for the movie. But the pre-climax and climax scenes does not have any new elements and look quite routine and boring. Sharwanand once again proved why he has become the favourite star in present heroes with his super energy for the movie.

Artists Performance:
Talking about the artists of the movie, Sharwanand conquers the entire space as he had made it look as one man show. The actor has been with a super energy throughout the movie and has been quite effective in movie’s success. Lavanya Tripathi has been seen similar to her previous movie doing traditional character. The actress needs to get out of this and do some other roles. The comedy tracks by several comedians make audience laugh. Ravikishan was seen strong in his role which resemble the one in ‘RaceGurram’. All the others have done enough job to their roles.

Technical Department:
Director Chandra Mohan must be given full credit to make a routine subject to project as a new one by adding some comedy tracks to it. The story taken could have some more interesting twists which may create interest among the audience. The production values of the movie are okay. The editing work could have been better. The music given by Radhan was pretty good with visuals. The background score was an additional asset for the movie’s success. The cinematography was poor.

Final Word: Radha – Routine Stuff In A New Bowl
Rating: 2.25/5