‘Raja Meeru Keka’ Movie Review And Rating

raja meeru keka review rating

Film: “Raja Meeru Keka”
Star Cast : Taraka Ratna, Lasya, Sarayu, Noel Sean, Revanth, Mirchi Hemanth, Posani Krishnamurali, Prudhvi
Director: Krishna Kishore
Cinematography: Ram P Reddy
Music: Sri Charan
Produced By: M Raj Kumar
Released On: 16th June 2017

This year saw the release of only three high-profile and high-budget films. All the films that came subsequent to them were much smaller in scale and budget. “Raja Meeru Keka” also falls into the smaller film category only. As such expectations of the film do not ride high either from the industry trade or the audiences.

Ravi (Revanth), Shashank (Noel), Seenu (Hemanth) and Swetha (Lasya) are good friends. All of them are working and are fairly well settled. Into their midst comes Nagaraju (Tarak) the owner of a very big company. His entry only serves to cause chaos and confusion in the lives of the four friends. What that confusion is all about, how Nagaraju is connected to the four friends and how they extricate themselves from the confusion is the content of the story.

The film is purportedly based on some true life incidents. To that extent we can give credit to the director. But that is all. The start is good but soon meanders aimlessly and comes to a sudden abrupt ending. The script is good but the narration is not and the film ends up being a big bore thanks to very inept handling.

Performance of the Stars:
Perhaps the only member of the cast who deserves any praise is Hemanth. The sequences with him and his father are hilarious and he contributes immensely to them. Each of the actors in the main cast of the four friends is just adequate with the heroines looking good. Even Tarak in a negative role is just about adequate. Artists like Posani Krishnamurali and Prudhvi were totally underutilized.

Technical Performance:
The director takes the entire blame for making an eminently forgettable film. He seems to have had no grip on the proceedings at any time. He failed in utilizing the talents of the seniors and was unable to get the best of the juniors. Music was not bad. Cinematography was adequate. The script was good but the director could not capitalize on it.

The Final Word:
In “Raja Meeru Keka” the director had a good idea but did not know what to do with it.
“Raju Meeru Keka” is rated 2/5.