Rajamouli Reacts To Karnataka Controversy Over “Baahubali The Conclusion”


It was reported that some Karnataka Associations opposed the release of “Bahubali – The Conclusion” in that state. Unfortunately the Kannada Film Chamber has also joined issue with them. Now the director of the film has chosen to react to the controversy.

Speaking in broken Kannada the Director made a speech which is now going viral on the social media. He began by saying that he speaks on behalf of the producers also. The gist of that speech was that the director contended that the comments that are attributed to Mr Satyaraj were made several years ago. It is possible that these comments have hurt the feelings of some of you. However the film unit had nothing to do with them. They were purely his personal opinions.

He revealed that the makers of the film had seen video clippings of Mr Satyaraj’s comments only a month ago and until then they had no knowledge of these comments. Those comments were made 9 years ago. In these last 9 years Satyaraj had acted in several films many of which were released in Karnataka also. Even “Bahubali – The Beginning” was released in Kannada and received tremendous response from the audiences in that state. He hoped that the sequel would also receive the same response in Karnataka.

Besides, Satyaraj was just one of the many actors who acted in the film. He is not the director or producer of the film. If the film is banned in Karnataka Satyaraj will not lose anything. Many others stake holders will be the losers. It is not fair to ban the release of the movie on account of comments made by Satyaraj many years ago.

It is not fair to vent the anger you have for him upon the film. We already spoke to the actor on the issue. There is nothing we can do beyond that. We request you not to drag the entire “Bahubali” team into a controversy with which it has nothing to do. We hope that “Bahubali 2” will also elicit the same response as “Bahubali 1”.