Rajeev Kanakala – My Professionalism Cost My Dear

Rajeev Kanakala has been with the film industry for a very long time now. The man is recognised by the whole industry as a very good actor. However, the offers don’t pour in, not even a trickle. The actor himself confesses why this is so.

Talking on why he does not seem to get as many offers as he ought to, the actor revealed that his own personal proclivities are responsible for this. He says he is thoroughly professional in his work which is why he does not get enough offers to justify his talents. He adds that though he knows many people in the industry he never calls them up every morning to just say hello and keep in touch with them. At the same time he does not avoid friends either. Whenever he meets them he spends some happy time with them but during that time he hardly talks of films.

I see my professional and personal relationships separately. He says he understood quite a long time ago that this is the reason why he does not get enough offers, but was averse to changing his ways so suddenly. He said perhaps he would wait for some more time.