Rajnikanth 2.0 VFX Stunning Budget

Rajnikanth 2.0 VFX Stunning Budget

The impression until a few years ago was that South Indian films generally have much lower budgets than Bollywood films. But that has changed. There are several southern films that have huge budgets. Rajnikanth’s “2.0” is a prime example.

South Indian films appear to have come of age after the incredible success of “Bahubali” (1 & 2). Many films now are focussing on offering excellent visual effects and graphics. That is pushing budgets beyond levels that were never imagined a generation ago. This trend is concomitant to the opening out of worldwide and all-India markets for dubbed South Indian films. As of now it appears Telugu and Tamil films are taking the lead in this emergence.

Superstar Rajnikanth’s film for example is aimed at a worldwide audience and is accordingly made in different languages. The director Shanker is known for his penchant for making his films a visual extravaganza. Added to his penchant is the fact that the theme of “2.0” offers plenty of scope for him to indulge in his penchant. The total budget of the film is a whopping Rs.450 crores., which makes it among the costliest films ever made in Indian film history.

The VFX features alone are to cost a total of Rs.100 crores though originally budgeted for Rs.80 crores. In comparison both the first part and the sequel of “Bahubali” cost only Rs.80 crores towards VFX effects. “2.0” is to have a very grand Audio release function in Dubai on October 27th 2017. It stars Rajnikanth, Amy Jackson and Akshay Khanna in crucial roles.