Ravi Teja Receives Support From Mother

Ravi Teja Receives Support From Mother

Mass Maharaja was recently in the news for some wrong reasons. He was one of the celebrities who were named in the drug scandal that hit Tollywood. He however appears to have his family strongly behind him in this hour of need.

The hero’s mother recently spoke out against the rumours that Ravi Teja was involved in the drug scandal. Denying that Ravi used to take drugs, she says that it was Bharath who unfortunately got into bad ways. She said Ravi Teja was the one who with his hard work and dedication brought the family to a good level and that he always advocated against such vices.

She was surprised that the media was full of reports about Ravi Teja’s bad ways. She however assured that he would respect the summons received from the drug control authorities and cooperate with them in their investigation.