Rendu Rellu Aaru Telugu Movie Review And Rating

Rendu Rellu Aaru Telugu Movie Review And Rating

Rendu Rellu Aaru Telugu Movie Review And Rating

Rendu Rellu Aaru Telugu Movie Review And Rating : We know that at present there is a good demand for small budget films. These films generally come with subjects that are quite different from the run of the mill commercial pot boilers and as such succeed in attracting the audiences. Debutant directors who come up with such low budget make sure they catch the pulse of the audiences with their stories and screenplay. The latest Tollywood debutant Nandu Mallela also does the same with “Rendu Rellu Aaru”.

The fact that Sai Korapati, who is known to believe that cinema should also have some values, has produced this film on his “Varaahi Chalanachthram” banner is an indication that the fill will certainly have a strong story line. The presence of Senior Artiste Naresh adds strength to the film. The good response which the recently revealed trailer evoked in the social media is a major plus point of the film.

Two men are anxiously awaiting their wives to give birth to children at the same time in the same hospital. The children are born but the lady who fondly wants a daughter gives birth to a son and the lady who always wanted a son gives birth to a daughter. The doctor gives the anxious fathers the shocking news that the children are born with some congenital disease and that they may not live for more than 22 years. The shocked fathers get together and decide to swap children just to satisfy their wives, but do so without their knowledge.

They then proceed to take up houses opposite each other so that they could stay close to their natural children. Unaware of all these matters, the wives too become good friends. As time passes the children grow up and the mother’s are now desirous of getting the same children married. The fathers are shocked and from then on commence their attempts at keeping the children away from each other. Why are the fathers trying to keep the children apart? Will the wives ever come to know of the strange truth of their lives? How the whole matter is finally resolved is what the film is all about.

The film will certainly connect with those wanting to see a film with a different concept at its core. All the main aspects of the film – the children being destined to die after 22 years, the swapping of children at birth, the mother being completely unaware of all this, their desire to get the children married – are all quite novel and interesting. The director takes great care to ensure that all the elements that audiences expect are available in good measure.

The comedy scenes are quite hilarious. The very melodious songs are all written to suit the narration and story. Though there are a few boring scenes here and there, the twist before the interval, pre-climax and climax episodes are all interesting. “Rendu Rella Aaru” is definitely a film that family audiences can watch and enjoy.

Performance of the Stars:
Anil Mallela as the hero of the film portrays the typical boy next door character quite brilliantly. Both the timing of his comedy and his performance in the more emotional and serious scenes are quite impeccable. The heroine, playing a typical girl next door, comes up with an exceptional performance with cute expressions.

Senior actor Naresh plays the role of a middle class father to perfection. Ravi Kale who is known to us only as a villain surprises everybody with his performance in the role of a parsimonious and niggardly father. Last but not the least ‘Thagubothu’ Ramesh comes as a special package. He makes good attempt at keeping the audiences in splits. Others in the star cast are quite adequate.

Technical Performance:
Vijay Bulganin provides excellent songs and background score for the film, more so in the emotional scenes. Cinematography and editing, dialogues and screenplay are all very good. The debutant director Nandu Mallela chose a story which connected with the audiences very well and narrated the story excellently in an entertaining manner. He proves his mettle with his very first film.

Plus Points:
• Story
• Screenplay
• Direction
• Dialogues
• Music
• Ravi Kela, ‘Thagubothu’ Ramesh, Anil Mallela

Minus Points:
• Some scenes are quite slow
• A repeat of emotions

Rating: “Rendu Rellu Aaru Telugu Movie ” is rated 3 / 5.

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Rendu Rellu Aaru Telugu Movie Review And Rating
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