‘Sardaar Gabbarsingh’ Distributors Begin Hunger Strike

'Sardaar Gabbarsingh' Distributors Begin Hunger Strike

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s “Sardar Gabbarsingh” was one huge disaster at the box office leading to distributors incurring huge losses. Now the distributors have begun a hunger strike at the Film Chamber office in Film City, Hyderabad.

The film was expected to be a blockbuster and the distributors made exorbitant investments in buying the theatrical rights for different areas. Krishna district distributor reportedly lost Rs.1.90 crores and the Nizam distributor lost Rs.8 crores. The film was co-produced by Pawan Kalyan and Sharath Marar. It was later reported that since Sharath Marar is producing “Katamarayadu” the theatrical rights of that film were offered to the same distributors to help them regain some of their losses. But these negotiations failed due to some unknown reason. Now the distributors have begun a hunger strike in the film chamber office in Film Nagar, Hyderabad demanding compensation from the makers for their losses.

It appears that their main grouse is with Sharath Marar and Srinivas, Manager to Pawan Kalyan. The two were even accused of not answering phone calls from the distributors. Now the matter has taken a serious turn with the distributors going on a hunger strike. They demand that the producers somehow compensate them for their losses.

If one traces the genesis of this problem, one will realise that some years ago Rajnikanth repaid a number of distributors when his film “Baba” was a super flop. It was produced by him. He later compensated many distributors for the losses they incurred. Since then one started hearing stories of distributors demanding that producers return their money if a film fails at the box office.