“Shivalinga” Review And Rating

"Shivalinga" Review And Rating

Film: “Shivalinga”
Star Cast: Raghava Lawrence, Rithika Singh, Shakti, Vadivelu, Urvashi
Director: P Vasu
Cinematography: Sarvesh Murari
Music: S Thaman
Editing: Suresh
Produced By: Ramesh P Pillai
Banner: Trident Arts
Released On: 14th April 2017

Raghava Lawrence appeared before the Telugu audiences in various avatars before – director, choreographer and actor. Now he comes before us in “Shivalinga” as an action hero. This is an action – horror – entertainer. Raghava directed the immensely successful films “Don” and “Mass” both starring Nagarjuna. He is also the choreographer for “Khaidi No 150”. We also saw him in the lead role in “Kanchana”.

Shivalinga (Lawrence) is a cop given the assignment of solving a murder crime. As he sets about his task he meets and falls in love with Satyabhama (Rithika Singh). By some strange quirk of fate Satyabhama gets possessed by demons. The film is all about whether Satyabhama’s possession, the demon who possesses her and the murder mystery all related and how the hero goes about sorting out the mysteries one after the other.

The director succeeded in presenting the horror element of the film wonderfully. The scenes involving the demons and spirits are taken very well and do impress the viewers. The suspense element and the hero’s investigation scenes are all excellently handled. The suspense factor in the film succeeds in keeping the audiences engrossed from start to finish.

The first half is a tad slow but the second half makes up for the slowness with a tight fast paced narration. However, the first half is entirely taken up before the film comes to the point. The comedy between Urvashi and the hero fall flat and fail to evoke much laughter. Some of the scenes between Vadivelu and the hero are a drag on the narration.

Performance of the Stars:
Raghava Lawrence proves that he is a multi talented artist – direction, choreography, and now acting also. Needless to say he performed the dances with aplomb. Rithika Singh acted excellently – especially in the scenes where she is possessed by demons. Urvashi tries her best to make the comedy work but the scene just does not evoke any laughter. Other actors are just adequate in their roles.

Technical Performance:
For any dubbed film the script in the dubbed version is important. The film does not let us down with the dubbing dialogues. Cinematography by Sarvesh and Music by Thaman are excellent. Editor Suresh has also done a good job. The producers have not let us down with the production values. The director succeeded in keeping a tight grip on the suspense element and guided the demon and possession scenes very well. He could have tightened the pace in the first half a lot more. The story line is very interesting. The screenplay is good except in parts.

Final Word:
“Shivalinga” is a decent horror-romance-action entertainer

Rating: 3/5