Sreenu Vaitla – Rumours About His House

Sreenu Vaitla - Rumours About His House

Tollywood folks can be a very sentimental lot. They believe in every single factor that sentimentally affects their success. Sreenu Vaitla too has one such sentiment. He believes the Vasthu of his house is bringing him bad luck.

Sreenu Vaitla had moved into his Jubilee Hills house just before making “Aagadu”. That film was a box office disaster. He then made some changes to his house to make it more Vasthu-compliant. That had no effect since his next film “Bruce Lee” was also a box office disaster. “Mister” is the third film he made after moving into that house. That has also bombed at the box office. That gave him a hat-trick of box office disasters. And the man blames it all on the Vasthu of his house.

As these rumours float around, there is another rumour which says that as per Sreenu Vaitla’s agreement with the makers of “Mister”, he would get a share of the profit if the film succeeds and would share the losses if it fails. Now the director is reportedly forced to sell his house to pay them off. Whichever of these rumours is true, the reality is that the man brought disaster upon himself.