Flop Director’s Dream To Direct Pawan Kalyan


Sreenu Vaitla has scored a hat-trick, with three super disasters in a row – “Aagadu” followed by “Bruce Lee” and now “Mister”. But the man still dreams big. His dream he says is to direct a film with Power Star Pawan Kalyan.

The buzz in the industry is that Sreenu Vaitla is a spent force now. The man has lost his golden touch. Any film company that takes him on to direct a film will only lose money. This is the talk about him in the industry these days. However, the man himself is quite determined to do a film with Pawan Kalyan. He sees that as a ticket to return to his former star status. Both Varun Tej and Sreenu Vaitla were on a popular talk show recently hosted by comedian Ali.

During that show the director revealed that he had already prepared a story for Pawan Kalyan. Varun Tej added that he had also seen that story and that it was a really powerful one. Given Sreenu Vaitla’s current bad patch, it remains to be seen if Pawan Kalyan would be willing to accept an offer to work under his direction.