Sreenu Vaitla’s Debious Distinction

There was a time when his name spelt success. Any project he undertakes would prove to be a goldmine for its makers. But those heydays are obviously history now. Sreenu Vaitla now has the dubious distinction of making the worst disaster in recent times.

The man was making one blockbuster after the other in a row. Suddenly “Aagadu” happened, which proved the biggest box office disaster of that year. It sent the man into a state of shock. To get out of the mess, somehow Sreenu Vaitla managed to get the chance to direct Ram Charan in “Bruce Lee”. The mega star Chiranjeevi was also set to play a cameo in the film. But Sreenu made a mess of the film. “Bruce Lee” also bombed at the box office. He lost whatever fan following he had gained with his earlier films and got the name ‘Flop Director’.

Just as everybody thought that Sreenu Vaitla was finished the mega family called upon him to make a film for Varun Tej. When he made “Mister” Sreenu Vaitla very proudly claimed that he is a changed man now and that the audiences can find a refreshing change in his latest film. He said that the action entertainer is bound to impress everybody. But when the film finally hit the screens it proved to be an ordeal to sit through. A myriad characters entering the screen, very heavy action scenes that only left the audiences irritated, comedy tracks that gave anything but comedy – all this only proved to be too much for the audiences to bear.

From the very second show the film started garnering negative reports. Now the buzz is that it may not enter a second week at the halls. The worst flop of this year so far was “Om Namo Venkatesa”. But that film had the excuse of being a devotional film which perhaps the audiences are not in the mood to see. But “Mister” was supposed to be a romantic entertainer. It gives the director the dubious distinction of making the worst film of the season.