Suchi Leaks Causes Another Sensation – Heroine’s Bathoom Video Leaked


Just as people began to think that the Suchileaks controversy has finally abated, it reared its ugly head once again to the consternation of Kollywood. A video of an actress bathing has come to light now through this infamous controversy.

It appears somebody had secretly taped the heroine bathing. The buzz is that some member of her staff is responsible for this video. As can be expected the video has gone viral on the social media now. The lady has an image of her own in the industry. She is just beginning to get good offers. It’s a shame that this video had to come to light at a time like this. The feeling is that this might hit her career pretty badly. How the heroine responds remains to be seen.

The fact of the matter is that though singer Suchitra Karthik started the whole obnoxious episode, she quickly went silent on the issue. Despite her distancing herself from these unsavory happenings, such leaks crop up making everybody wonder if somebody within the industry is responsible for all this.