Suicide Drama Near Mani Rathnam’s House

Suicide Drama Near Mani Rathnam's House

Manimaran is a light boy by profession. He is now threatening to commit suicide outside the house of the director Manirathnam. The man had earlier worked on a film with the ace director. The man’s woes force him to take such an extreme step.

When Manirathnam was directing the Bollywood film “Guru” starring Abhisek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai, Manimaran worked as a light boy for the film. It was then that he was diagnosed with some blood disease. He had reportedly approached the film unit for financial assistance but got none. He then approached the lightman’s association who also did nothing for him. He took to the matter to the court which ordered the lightman’s association to compensate him to the tune of Rs.2.00 lakhs.

However, now Manimaran alleges that the Secretary of the association asked for a bribe of Rs.20,000 to release the funds. That is why the man is now threatening to commit suicide before the director’s house. This is a strange case of justice given and yet denied.