Terrible Flop for Chiranjeevi after 10 years

terrible flop for chiranjeevi

Terrible Flop for Chiranjeevi. After 10 years Chiranjeevi is seen on big screen as a hero. The megastar mania has come back all over the world especially with telugu audience and ofcourse other film industry stalwarts and crew also watched and observed. Finally Chiranjeevi stamina was proved with his 150th movie Khaidi No 150. The movie was a blockbuster hit and brought profits on table for both producers and distributors. Such a break was seen in Chiru’s career after debacle political career. Following to 150th movie Chiranjeevi has seen unexpectedly a huge flop. This leaves him and his fans highly disappointed.

Chiranjeevi’s 150th movie is a remake movie. Most of his movies were remakes. This is one success formula for producers who invest huge amounts involving superstar range actors want to ensure that returns must be there without taking too much risk with new stories. In the process Chiru accepted a TV program which was hosted by his close friend Nagarjuna. That is MEK TV program on MAA TV. This program dumped Chiranjeevi’s image and challenged his stamina. The program hosted by Chiranjeevi is said to be an utter flop.

There could be a many reasons. First of all, the program Meelo Evaru Kotiswarudu was losing audience in the process, it seems Nagarjuna invited Chiranjeevi to uplift the program to better stage. But Chiranjeevi charisma could not draw the attention of audience as days passed. Some analysis reveals that interest, excitement and surprising things lack program lead to hit dust. Hardcore fans don’t like Chiranjeevi being anchor praising hosts for simple things. Chiranjeevi praised Nagarjuna as if he does not know best acting skills which Nargarjuna experiments.

The other argument is that personality like Chiranjeevi should have not done this program as it is only helping Airtel to mint money through costly SMS for audience to participate in the program. Meanwhile there was negative propaganda was done on the issue. Overall if you consider Chiranjeevi failed here though Amitha Bachchan for KBK and Akkineni Nagarjuna for MEK could do great for the formats.