The duo behind Pawan Kalyan Suicide Attempt

the duo behind pawan suicide attempt

The duo behind pawan kalian suicide attempt. Yes what you have read is true. Two eminent personalities behind the Pawan’s suicide attempt. It is very tricky but finally those two are named.  Power Star Pawan Kalyan life is interesting and inspiring as initial days were pathetic. Pawan Kalyan personality is unique if we understand and look into his life. One cannot imagine how struggles he had undergone in spite of his brother Chiranjeevi being as mega star.

In recent interview, Pawan Kalyan has thrown some light on his personal life track especially how he was and how turned as film actor. In the process he has revealed that he attempted suicide. This is shocking revelation to his fans. It is understood that asthama patient Pawan Kalyan was not good at studies comparatively other students who pass exams. He was weak in maths. He usually fails in the maths subject he said. He claims that unfortunately he never come across very good maths teacher. You would wonder how the star hero passed his 10th class exams as everyone expects what happened to his maths subject. Yes, what you have expected is right. He failed in the subject with three marks less. But he was declared passed … how?

Interim Chief Minister Nadendla Bhasker Rao came to power during NTR ruling Andhra Pradesh. He brought grace marks rule and he reduced 5 marks to pass subjects. This was a boon for Pawan Kalyan to pass the subject and move onto next standard. Pawan’s subjects failing started from 8th standard and continued till intermediate. He also claims that he used to have very less friends and even their thoughts could not match his thinking. After deciding Pawan could not pass intermediate exam even in supplements, he has gone into depression by comparing his friends how they are moving ahead in their career. Especially when read about Sachin Tendulkar and Viswanath Anand he could not control himself as they are doing exceptionally well at their age and why not Pawan Kalyan do anything well he introspected that led him to take extreme step to commit suicide but fortunately his attempt was foiled by his siblings.

Later his two brothers motivated him and used encourage and had given inspiring books to study. Pawan used to read various books a lot and motivated highly to reach present stage of power star Pawan Kalyan.