Tollywood Drug Scandal – More Shocking Revelations

Tollywood Drug Scandal

The entire sleazy scandal is proving to be a terrible mess and headache for the investigators, with children of very high level people boasting of high level connections being involved in it. Some girls have stooped so low that they took naked pictures of themselves and forwarded them to their suppliers. The plan was for the drug peddlers to sell the pics and videos to some porn sites and make money. They will then supply the girls with dope for that money.

It is learnt that Daniel, the other king pin in the gang, was the one who would receive these pictures and videos and pass them on to Calvin. Unfortunately Daniel is still at large. Murkier details are likely to surface once he is also taken into custody. By all accounts the matter is far from solved. It is more than likely that the names of these girls and the photographs and videos they took of themselves will be hushed up.