Tollywood Heroes Pressurise Rajamouli

Tollywood Heroes Pressurise Rajamouli

Rajamouli has become the most popular Indian film director. The unprecedented success of “Bahubali” puts him on the top of the heap. With success come its pressures too. That is what is happening to him now. Several Tollywood heroes want to act with him.

The man has just completed his career’s biggest film which proved to be India’s biggest blockbuster. After returning from a brief foreign jaunt with his family he will be turning his attention towards possible future assignments. But he has already got strong messages from the very top of the heroes to make a film for them. Both Natarudra NTR and Prince Mahesh Babu are reported to have approached him to make films for them. Then there is Nagarjuna in line for his son Akhil.

It is also learnt that some Bollywood offers are also in the offing for the director. That is the price one pays for success. But is it a price at all??!!