Trivikram Leads Pawan And Venkatesh To Splitsville

Trivikram is normally known to bring even the worst enemies together. He created quite a stir when he had Pawan Kalyan launch his next film starring NTR. Now the same man stands accusing of causing Pawan and Venkatesh to split.

Venkatesh and Pawan Kalyan did the successful film “Gopala Gopala” in which the two enjoyed very good chemistry. However, the latest buzz is that Trivikram caused a split between them. Of course we do not mean in real life… in reel life. The fact is that when Trivikram conceived “Agnathavasi” with Pawan in the lead he had included a special guest appearance character for Venkatesh. The script included it right from the beginning. Venkatesh too agreed to do the role keeping in mind his friendship with the hero Pawan Kalyan and the director.

Now the latest buzz is that the character that Venkatesh was to play in the film has been dropped altogether. It is not known if the director took this decision keeping in mind the overall length of the film or perhaps that character did not have enough importance to warrant having a senior hero like Venkatesh in it. Unit insiders reveal that the decision was taken after consulting with Venkatesh and not unilaterally by the director. Whatever be the reason, fans of the two heroes appear a tad disappointed at this development.