Kollywood Actor’s Daughter’s Kidnap Drama

varalakshmi sarathkumar kidnap drama

A photograph of the daughter of a Kollywood hero showing her tied to a bed face-up and hands tied to the bedposts and mouth gagged, went viral on the social media. It caused quite consternation among people wondering if she has been really kidnapped.

She is none other than Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar and daughter of Sarathikumar and Radhika. Her photograph clearly shows her in distress. Everybody simply assumed that she was kidnapped. The social media went agog with the news. Finally it took the actress herself to confirm that there is no truth in the report of her kidnap. She tweeted that she was in Delhi while the unit of the film she was working with had used that picture as part of their promotion. Check out what she had to say.

“I’m absolutely fine.. thank u for ur concern..it’s a part of our movie promotion.. announcement at 6pm..!!”
“I wasn’t aware of this promotion as I’m in delhi representing my Save shakti petition to the Law ministry..Sorry for the trouble..!!”
That sets all our minds at rest.