“Venkatapuram” Review And Rating


Film: “Venkatapuram”
Star Cast: Rahul, Mahima, Ajay Ghosh
Director: Venu Madikanti
Cinematography: Sai Prakash
Music: Achu
Produced By: Thoomu Phani Kumar, Shreyas Srinivas
Released On: 05-12-2017

Hero Rahul was first seen in “Happy Days” which was a super blockbuster. Subsequently the lad could not get roles that could take his career upwards. At long last he has got one film where he plays hero.

Anand (Rahul) and Chaithra (Mahima) both live in the same apartment complex in Vizag. They get friendly and it is not long before love blossoms between them. But unfortunately, Chaitra somehow gets entangled with some local criminals and some corrupt policemen. She gets into serious trouble. The rest of the story is all about how the hero takes it upon himself to extricate his beloved from trouble and the dangers that he himself faces.

The story line chosen by the film makers is quite good and interesting and provides for a lot of scope to make a good film. The first half is all about the two lovers coming together and how their love blossoms. The real crime story begins in the second half only. This does lead to some scenes appearing a tad lengthy and dragging. The suspense is well kept right through the narration. The first half does appear a little boring but the second half makes up for that with a gripping narration.

Performance of the Stars:
The hero of the film Rahul and the bad guy Ajay Ghosh have both done admirably. The two of them fit their roles perfectly and have acquitted themselves excellently. The hero shows the right emotions at the right time and excels in such scenes. Ajay Ghosh also excels in showing his villainous side. Mahima as the heroine is at best adequate and has a long way to go in developing serious acting skills.

Technical performance:
The cinematographer has done a brilliant job and has shown the city of Vizag very beautifully. The aerial shots are excellently done. Achu has provided good music with the background and songs being very entertaining. The director himself has done a decent job though he ought to have taken care not to leave lose ends in the narration. He could have removed some of the scenes that do not help in the progress of the story itself. Production values are very good. The makers have done a good job in plot selection. Screenplay and editing are very good.

The Final Word:
“Venkatapuram” has a very good story and fairly good narration.
Rating: 3.5/5