“Guru” 17 Days Worldwide Collections

"Guru" 17 Days Worldwide Collections

Victory Venkatesh which hit the screens on 31st March 2017 is going strong at the box office in both Telugu states. As a boxing coach in the film the hero Venkatesh packs a punch in his performance and the film packs a punch at the box office.

In 17 days the film has collected Rs.20.70 crores glogabally and Rs.17.55 crores in the Telugu states alone. The director Sudha Kongara had directed the original Hindi version “Sala Khadoos” as well as its Tamil and Telugu versions. It had Ritika Singh performing the lead role of a female boxer in all the versions. Check out the area-wise collections globally.

Area-wise Global collections (shares): (Rs in crores)
Nizam: 7.98
Ceded: 1.92
North Andhra: 2.32
East Godavari: 1.41
West Godavari: 0.80
Krishna: 1.32
Guntur: 1.27
Nellore: 0.53
Total AP + Nizam (shares) = Rs.17.55 crores
Karnataka: 2.20
Rest of India: 0.30
USA + Rest of the World: 0.65
Total Global Collections: Rs.20.70 crores