“Guru” 20 Days Collections

"Guru" 20 Days Collections

Victory Venkatesh’s latest offering “Guru” is really going strong at the box office. The received both critical acclaim and box office success. It is a re-make of the Hindi film “Sala Khadoos” which was also directed by Sudha Kongara.

The film opened with little fan fare but amid fairly good expectations from the trade and the audiences alike. The film’s box office performances as well as the content were in keeping with the expectations. That is why it won critical acclaim besides being a box office success. It has fetched a share of Rs.17.95 crores in the two Telugu states during its 20 day run. Check out how it fared in different areas.

Area-wise collections (Shares): (Rs. In Crores)
Nizam: 8.14
Ceded: 1.96
North Andhra: 2.37
East Godavari: 1.45
West Godavari: 0.83
Krishna: 1.34
Guntur: 1.31
Nellore: 0.55
Total AP + Nizam = Rs.17.95 crores