Virus Movie Review And Rating

Movie : Virus
Cast : Sampoornesh Babu, Geetha Sha, Nidhisha
Banner : ASN Films
Music : Meenakshi Bhujang, Sunil Kashyap
Producer : Salim, MD Srinivas Mangala
Director : SR Krishna
Release Date: June 30, 2017

Burning star Sampoornesh Babu has come up with his latest movie ‘Virus’. Audiences expect some comedy through Sampoornesh Babu’s movies. The same has been expected with the posters and trailers. The mannerism of the actor is very familier to the viewers and they like to see it again and again. Let us see if Sampoornesh Babu has given enough entertainment with Virus movie in the review.

Virus is a movie of guy named Krishna(Sampoornesh Babu) who completed his Engineering in Computers as the University Topper. His poverty makes him away from doing Master Degree. He starts working in a Coffee Shop. Knowing his talent, a girl Ananya(Nidhisha) who also runs a NGO, helps out Sampoo to get his Master’s done in US. He also gets a Software Job there. Suddenly he comes to know about the suicide of Ananya. He immediately comes to India to find out the reason behin the Suicide. Will Krishna gets succeed in finding the reason behind the mysterious death of Ananya forms the story. To know further one has to see the movie on silver-screen.

Virus movie starts on an interesting story line. But the same has got failed to sustain throughout. With many unwanted episode, the director has spoiled the dish. Director has completely failed to elevate the story to the audiences. Throughout the first-half, audiences does not even come to know what exactly the director wants to show. Even though Sampoornesh Babu carried the movie on his shoulder, the un-necessary scenes carrying no weight distracted the audiences.

The second-half of the movie also has nothing great to entertain the audiences. The non-timing songs, the comedy episodes of Ghost, the romantic episodes between hero and heroine does not attract the audiences. On the whole, Virus completely skips the track of entertainment with boring elements. It is a test of patience for the audience.

Sampoornesh Babu stood as the major asset for the movie with his very own mannerism. The actor tried hard to entertain the audiences with his comedy. Several dialogues of Sampoo in the climax episode make to have a think on the present situations. While comedian Vennela Kishore has been wasted in the movie. Actress Geetha Sha has tried to entertain with her beauty. Others have done a decent job with their given roles.

Technical Department:
Director Krishna has elevated the misuse of Social Media in the present situations. But the screenplay he had written to show this social message has disappointed the audiences. The lesser we talk about the dialogues is better. Music given by Sunil Kashyap for both the songs and background were also a failure. Cinematography was decent. Editing work could have been better. The production values are okay.

Final Word: Virus – Did Not Attack Audiences

Neticinema Rating – 2.5/5