Vishal Vies With Balayya And Pawan Kalyan

The top heroes in any industry always take care not to release their films at the same time. And dubbed films take even more care not to compete with locally popular stars. However, following a different path Vishal is all set to compete with Pawan and Balayya.

The only time when top heroes in any language go for simultaneous releases of their films is when there is a holiday season and they are sure that there will be enough audiences to see both films. During other times of the year they take a good gap between releases of films. For a dubbed it is considered extremely risky to compete with local heroes. However, come this Sankranthi Vishal is planning to release “Abhimanyudu” which is the Telugu dubbed version of his latest Tamil film “Irumbu Thirai”. Both the Tamil and Telugu versions will be released simultaneously. The Telugu version will be clashing with Balayya’s upcoming as yet untitled film and Pawan Kalyan’s film which will reportedly be called “Agnathavasi”. Besides, there is also Raj Tarun’s “Rajugadu” which will come during the same season.

Vishal had recently come before the Telugu audiences with “Detective”. But to compete with Balayya and Pawan takes some guts.