You Are Waste.. Brokers Are Better Says Hema

You Are Waste Brokers Are Better Says Hema

Now a days the industry celebrities are getting in touch with the audience with their latest interviews for various media channels which are being getting huge response from the audiences. Among this list, the latest interview of actress Hema is creating sensation in the social media. The actress was interviewed by a private media person where Hema has shattered her anger and frustration on Social media and the websites that create wrong impact on the Industry people in the audiences. The gossips and rumours created by social media are creating ruckus environment on the Industry people among the common audiences and their behaviour towards them is so arrogant that they are treated like worst people.

Actress Hema has fired on the social media for creating such situations where the industry people are treated worst than prostitutes. Hema in her interview had taken left and right on the social media stating that a prostitution broker is better than the social media fellow who lives on the write-ups of their gossips. Hema had shown up her anger slating “If you want to live up on women’s write-ups then why don’t you bring up the news on your family women.. Industry women live up to a standard and professional life. But you are the people who make them go down in the audiences with your rubbish rumours and gossips.” Hema also commented that Industry people are not getting houses for rent to live whereas these fellows who lives on the news of industry people are able to get easily. Giving a strong warning in the interview, Hema has given a call to fight against such rumours and gossips in the social media. Let us see if any other celebrity would join with her. Check the latest interview of Hema in the below video.